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A teacher leading a classroom of students at the International School of Brussels

Professional Growth at ISB

Our Mission and our curriculum commit us to developing Independent Learners. If we believe that students must be personally invested in their own learning, then the same is true for teachers. As a school, we aim to foster a culture of substantial conversation and professional growth centered on excellence in teaching and student learning.


Learning by Design 2019

Learning by Design is more than an event. It is a conversation that has begun where teachers, staff, parents, trustees and students come together to learn and re-imagine school in a culture characterized by open knowledge systems, inclusive educational communities, and rapid social change.

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Coaching at ISB

The ISB peer to peer Teaching and Learning Coaching Programme offers ISB Faculty the opportunity to collaborate with another faculty member and reflect on professional practice. Coaches and faculty work together to look beyond their own specialist areas and consider underlying pedagogies and teaching strategies linked to the school's agreed teaching principles.

Learning Institutes

ISB is a school with a clear vision of what effective learning looks like. To help the us move closer to making the vision a reality, specific Learning Institutes have been developed that support teachers in understanding and mastering pedagogical theories and classrooms strategies related to things like inquiry, language across the curriculum, collaborative learning, and differentiation.

Internship Programme

Each year, we welcome graduates of education, as well as other relevant fields of study, to join our team for a one-year internship programme. ISB internships offer young college graduates the unique opportunity to work collaboratively with experienced teams across our school. Our interns gain valuable experience that helps prepare them for a career in teaching, while also enriching our learning community with a host of new ideas and fresh perspectives.