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Part of what makes ISB such a warm, caring and successful community is that so many people contribute to school life. Financial gifts are one important way that everyone – parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends around the world – can give back to help the school continue to grow and improve.

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Support for the ISB Annual Fund is an important way in which our global community helps enhance the ISB experience, year after year. Through gifts from parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends around the world, we are able to strengthen our offerings for students, investment in faculty, and Campus infrastructure.

What if we really believed that what we do today will impact tomorrow? What would you do differently, today?

Your Giving in Action 2018/2019

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Projects supported in previous years

MS Art Room renovation

We have completed the renovation of the MS Art Room, to bring this space up to the standard of the rest of the MS and creating a more functional and inspiring environment.

ISB Libraries renovations

The ISB Libraries received a significant investment from the ISB Annual Fund for a complete renovation and redesign

Investments in digital tools

We have continued making investments in digital tools that support student-led learning and design and maker technology.