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Part of what makes ISB such a warm, caring and successful community is that so many people contribute to school life. Financial gifts are one important way that everyone – parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends around the world – can give back to help the school continue to grow and improve.

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Support for the ISB Annual Fund is an important way in which our global community helps enhance the ISB experience, year after year. Through gifts from parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends around the world, we are able to strengthen our offerings for students, investment in faculty, and Campus infrastructure.

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Your Giving in Action 2018/2019

My First Stories

First Stories invites all students, grades 2-12, to work on and celebrate their literacy skills by composing stories. These stories are then professionally published, and added to the libraries' collection, for all students to be able to enjoy.

Learning Support Programme Faculty

The US State Department grant continues to provide salary support for our highly specialized Learning Support faculty.

Dutch Language Programme

Thanks to the generous grant from The Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide, funding for the Dutch language programme was received.

Special Olympics Fan Bus

The Annual Fund supported bus transport for fans to cheer on our Special Olympics athletes.

Digital Citizenship

A Digital Citizenship Taskforce comprised of faculty and staff members across all four divisions was put in place to develop curriculum that will help students think critically about online content, as well as being responsible and safe with how to connect, communicate and behave online.

Sensory Garden

With support from the Annual Fund a new Sensory Garden will be built, offering a therapeutic learning environment with tactile, auditory, and olfactory elements. It will be used by all students, with a special emphasis on our Intensive Learning Support students.

Multimedia MHS Library Equipment

As one of the final stages in the continuation of the MHS Library renovation new video, audio, lighting, and other specialized multimedia equipment was purchased for the Media Room.

Visiting Artists & Scholars Programme

The Annual Fund continues to support VASP, bringing in outside experts to work directly with students in a broad range of subjects including film making, theater, and young adult literature.

Learning by Design

Outside education experts led workshops and facilitated ISB’s three day learning conference, attended by over 280 faculty and staff, as well as ISB students and educators and school leaders from around the world.

Visual Arts Displays

Equipment and display pieces were purchased to help give greater visibility to student produced artworks in both on and off campus exhibitions.

ECC Swimming Programme

The ECC launched a kindergarten swimming programme this year to help children become comfortable in the water and gain some basic swimming skills.

Projects supported in previous years

MS Art Room renovation

We have completed the renovation of the MS Art Room, to bring this space up to the standard of the rest of the MS and creating a more functional and inspiring environment.

ISB Libraries renovations

The ISB Libraries received a significant investment from the ISB Annual Fund for a complete renovation and redesign

Investments in digital tools

We have continued making investments in digital tools that support student-led learning and design and maker technology.