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People give to a school like ISB, not just because they want to make a difference, but because ISB has made a difference to them and their children.

In a year when Covid-19 has provided us with challenges and provided many families with a great deal of uncertainty, we have therefore decided to allocate any unrestricted gifts that we receive to our Assisted Places Programme and increase the number of families we can support. In this way, we can further reinforce the “inclusion” aspect of our mission and ensure that every child at ISB is able to continue their education for as long as possible.

Funds can also be directed to support the many initiatives outlined in our recent Futures Spotlight communications.

Your Giving in Action 2019/2020

In the 2019-20 school year we are seeking funds to support the following projects and programme enhancements.

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Kick-starter funding for the expansion of our work with Social and Emotional Learning & Well-being with students, teachers and parents.
Multiple visits from a ‘cognitive coaching’ expert for faculty training.
Athletics initiatives including Hudl technology, athlete travel suits and new Fitness Room equipment
Digital Citizenship curriculum enhancements, such as the viewing of the “Like” movie for students, parents and employees.
Passion Learning in the Elementary School for students to explore a subject that is important to them to gain life-long interest and skills.
Summer Camp Community Outreach Awards to provide a reduction in the financial cost for a local student to attend one of ISB’s summer camps, building on and supporting our mission of ‘Everyone included’
Specialized equipment to support the new MS film class
Visiting Artists and Scholars Programme to bring in outside experts in various industries to work directly with students
Service Learning projects school wide
New “Raider’s Shack”
Elementary School Creativity Cave refresh
New playground equipment for the Elementary School
Career Related Programme (IBCP) classroom resources and teacher training
Furnishing “Learning Spaces of the Future” in the HS, ECC and ES
Bike sheds to encourage alternative transportation solutions

Projects supported in previous years

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My First Stories

First Stories invites all students, grades 2-12, to work on and celebrate their literacy skills by composing stories. These stories are then professionally published, and added to the libraries' collection, for all students to be able to enjoy.

Digital Citizenship

A Digital Citizenship Taskforce comprised of faculty and staff members across all four divisions was put in place to develop curriculum that will help students think critically about online content, as well as being responsible and safe with how to connect, communicate and behave online.

Visiting Artists & Scholars Programme

The Annual Fund continues to support VASP, bringing in outside experts to work directly with students in a broad range of subjects including film making, theater, and young adult literature.

Learning by Design

Outside education experts led workshops and facilitated ISB’s three day learning conference, attended by over 280 faculty and staff, as well as ISB students and educators and school leaders from around the world.

Visual Arts Displays

Equipment and display pieces were purchased to help give greater visibility to student produced artworks in both on and off campus exhibitions.

ECC Swimming Programme

The ECC launched a kindergarten swimming programme this year to help children become comfortable in the water and gain some basic swimming skills.

MS Art Room renovation

We have completed the renovation of the MS Art Room, to bring this space up to the standard of the rest of the MS and creating a more functional and inspiring environment.

ISB Libraries renovations

The ISB Libraries received a significant investment from the ISB Annual Fund for a complete renovation and redesign