Your guide to our latest IB Diploma Results

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is an assessed High School programme that is officially recognized and respected by Higher Education institutions around the world.

ISB was amongst the first fifty schools in the world to offer the programme and has done so successfully for the past 40 years.

Below is a summary breakdown of this year's outstanding results, which once again demonstrate our deep commitment to providing an experience of learning in which all students are included, challenged, and successful.

Everyone included

In contrast to educational institutions that only allow top students to take the IB Diploma, we are proud of our inclusive approach. In 2017, a total of 160 students sat IB Diploma examinations. 140 students were full Diploma candidates (85% of all graduating students). 15% of this year's cohort were students with diagnosed learning difficulties.

Everyone challenged

The IB Diploma is a rich and challenging programme. We are proud to offer our students the largest course selection of any international school in Belgium. ISB offers 33 separate courses, plus more than 10 tutored languages options.

Everyone successful

This year's pass rate was 97.1% and the average score was 33.3 points (the world average is currently 30 points). One student scored 44 points out of a possible 45. 49% of students were awarded the Bilingual Diploma.

We can summarise these results further as follows:

*World averages are only published in November of each year.

Speaking on this year's results, Felim Bolster, Head of High School, said, "The achievements of our students and our highly talented and committed faculty are all the more impressive given our context as a fully inclusive school tailoring for all types of learners, with the IB as the only externally examined qualification on offer".

We wish every one of our graduated Class of 2017 every success as many continue their studies beyond ISB.