When does your creativity flourish?

Under what conditions does your creativity flourish?

The 6th grade students have been exploring this question in terms of people across the ages, with an especially close look at the period of the Renaissance. Why was Leonardo da Vinci so creative? What was it about that time and place that allowed him to come up with such original ideas? An interesting topic to be sure, but the students really engaged when they had the chance to explore their own creativity at a five-day Creativity Camp in Soest, The Netherlands.

At the Creativity Camp students had the incredible opportunity to participate in two different creativity workshops that spanned the week. Experts in the field led the workshops that allowed students to learn basic techniques and then put their own creative spin on them. The offerings were wide and varied with workshops offered in making digital music, graffiti art, slam poetry, hip hop dancing, leather working, kite making, Brazilian drumming, video game creation and documentary filmmaking. The field trip culminated with a showcase on the final evening. In addition, students had a chance to explore nearby Utrecht to soak up a little of the local culture and participate in a creativity scavenger hunt.

As a culminating project to the unit, students are exploring a creative icon of their choice to investigate what conditions inspired his or her creativity. Students have chosen icons from across the ages, from Tolkien to Tesla to Taylor Swift! Their fifth grade audience will surely be well entertained with their presentations!

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Written by Jenny Cook, Grade 6 Teacher