What makes ISB really special? [video]

Our Elementary School Communications Club know what makes ISB special to them: their friends, the diversity, the opportunities they have here.

But they wanted to know what the Head of the ES, Anna Zeiders, thinks.

Bouncing off the success of their interview with ISB Director, Lee Fertig, the students got together again, and, armed with two cameras, an audio recorder, and a list of questions, marched into Anna's office. (She did know they were coming!)

Besides Lee Fertig, the students have had the opportunity to film, record, and interview many different people throughout the year: students and teachers at the Learning by Design conference, Hollywood Sound Producer François Dumont and each other. They were ready! Equipment was set up in no time, and the interviewers braced themselves to ask their questions (plus a few that weren't on the list)!

So what does Anna think makes ISB so special? Watch the video and find out!