Welcoming new ISB Faculty and Staff

The new ISB staff members flew in from all over the world, settled into their new apartments and have spent the last couple of weeks getting ready for the upcoming school year. Their orientation programme included different activities that are helping them become familiar with the ISB vision and mission, as well as the school's facilities and life in Belgium.

This year, 40 new staff members will be joining the ISB, originating from 11 different countries (the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Estonia, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, and Slovakia). 14 of these are our new teachers and 14 are our new interns who will be improving their knowledge and skills with us while assisting teachers as well as different departments within the ISB. Furthermore, we are also welcoming the new College Counsellor, Director of the Student Support Services, A&A Communications Coordinator, Director of IT, Safety & Security Coordinator, Theatre Arts Technician, Performing Arts Secretary, Laboratory Technician, Library and Digital Media Specialist, College and Careers Administrative Assistant, MS/HS Learning Coach, and Intensive Learning Support.

ISB is very excited to have them all on board and bring their qualities, skills, and knowledge to the ISB team.

We asked a few of our new staff members to tell us what they were the most excited about as they head into the new school year in a new environment. You can listen to their answers below:

Thomas Brill,
ECC Intern

Duncan McCulloch,
HS Geography Teacher

Tracey Smith,
MS Science Teacher

Brittany Craig,
MS LS Teacher