The Winter Benefit Concert in support of CAS

The Winter Benefit Concert held on the 20th of November, is one of the bigger fundraising projects done to support the "Creativity Activity Service" program at ISB. However, the concert is about more than just money. It is a way to bring people together and make them aware of the humanitarian issues in the world and around them, and how they can help. It is important to realise and address that there is inequality and injustice in the world, and we as a unity can help solve them, and that's what CAS is all about. Working together to help and find solutions for the major issues step by step.

People often see CAS as an obligation, something you have to do. When helping others people see it as a liberation for the needy, I see it as a liberation for the helper. I strongly believe that when you help others you are also helping yourself. It is like going on an expedition discovering a new world and a new outlook on life.

There is a popular saying that goes "Many little things can make a great impact", and that was the purpose of the concert. The ticket prize was only five euros, but when many people came together it turned into over one thousand five hundred euros. This money will go forward and support numerous projects relating to numerous issues. Some examples would be: the homeless, refugees, abuse victims, children in need, the elderly and many more.

We live with a certain privilege between our hands that others do not have. It is important to realise that privilege and use it to help others. That privilege does not necessarily have to be money, it can be time, resources and the ability to bring people together. That is what was done with the concert, people were brought together and many people helped to make it successful.

Being able to help those in need has made me humble, and has made me realise how lucky I am in the world today. CAS has pushed me to look into the issues the world is facing and not just let them pass by and push them under the rug. It has taught me that people from all over the world, with different life experiences, religions, class positions and opportunities are not all different from me. They have dreams, goals, family's, passion, drive and ambitions. Just like me just like all of us. The message we wanted to come from the concert is that everyone can help n\and everyone can make a difference.

Special thanks to Ms.Brown, Leela and Mr.Olinger, NHS and the student council for making this all possible.

Written by HS student Dagný