Spotlight on Giving: The ISB Libraries
“Spotlight on Giving” is a series of articles highlighting the impact of donor support on the ISB community. Since the school’s founding, ISB’s students, teachers, and campus have benefitted from the generosity of supporters around the world. Read on to learn more about how giving is currently enhancing our school community!

For decades, the people and programmes of the ISB Libraries have played a central role in the learning and teaching experience of our community. And, as ISB embraces new and innovative approaches to learning, empowering our students to become independent and internationally-minded learners, the Libraries remain as vital a resource for our community as ever.

Through gifts to this year’s ISB Annual Fund, the Libraries are launching several exciting new programmes to promote literacy, creativity, and collaboration amongst our students and teachers. Read on to learn more!

ISB Iris Award

The ISB Iris Award was launched this year as a reading programme for all students in grades K-12 at ISB. Once students read a number of books from a preselected list, they become members of the jury and gathered at voting parties to select the winners in each of the 4 categories: ES Picture Books, ES Chapter Books, MS Chapter Books and HS Chapter Books.

In the ECC and ES, students have been keeping track of their reading through taking online quizzes each time they finish a picture book or chapter book quizzes. Well over 2,000 of these quizzes have been completed by our students. Students in grades 4-6 as well as Middle School students interested in going the extra mile organized themselves in teams of 4 and tested their knowledge about the Iris books through an Iris Bookbowl competition.  

After 4 rounds of competition out of 135 participating students in grades 4-6, the 2017 ISB Bookbowl Champions ended up being a combined team of grade 4 boys with grade 6 girls. In the Middle School, 55 students are participating in the MS Bookbowl which will have its final round during the first week of May 2017. 


MS Iris Bookbowl

Publishing Student Works

The Libraries are excited to be launching a programme by which original student picture books and stories will be published, both in print and digital form. This programme will have two distinct components:

1) Students in all grades will be invited to submit stories for publication, and the top submitters will be selected to collaborate with professional illustrators on their final published product.

2) The other facet of this programme will put students on the productivity side of copyright. Students will be invited to submit cartoon character ideas, in collaboration with the Visual Arts department, and the top submissions will be reworked by a professional illustrator as GIFs. These GIFs will be stored in an open-source database of cartoon characters which all ISB students will be able to access and draw on as they create digital stories of their own. The cartoon characters will also be shared through Creative Commons so students can follow their usage beyond ISB, thus demonstrating the power of the Commons as a means for stimulating creativity worldwide.

English Language Development Resources

The Middle and High School English Language Development (ELD) resource collection is in need of some updating, which is now being made possible through ISB Annual Fund support. Together with the Middle and High School ELD teachers, the library is developing a new collection of resources to assist ELD students of various levels to enhance their reading. These new resources will focus on high interest, low reading level literature, as well as graphic novels, which students can work their way through before "graduating" to the next level.