Science came to life at the fifth grade science fair!

Every year, a key component of the Grade 5 experience is the opportunity to participate in the Science Fair. For an intensive four weeks, the young scientists are exposed to scientific methods, and then they choose an area of interest to them and extend their understanding of that area through experiments.

In class the students were helped to understand how to create their presentation boards, how to confidently present their findings and how to create a report. Then at home, the students conducted their experiments with the help of their parents.

A tremendous amount of effort went into the projects and the students finally got to share their work with their parents and peers on Friday 16 June. On that day, the ICC was turned into a science hub with students eagerly sharing their work.

Examples of projects were:

Which shoe is best for kicking a football?

What is the effect of fire on rubber, wood and clothing?

Which candle burns quickest?

What is the effect of music on quality of sleep?

Congratulations to all the Grade 5 students on an extremely successful science fair.

Written by Marcin Ciesielski