Raiders Spirit at the Special Olympics

The 2017 Special Olympics took place on May 24-25 and was kicked off with an amazing whole school send-off. The whole school took time to come, dress in red, and support our very own Special Olympic athletes. They created a long tunnel, from the beautiful Chateau all the way to the Upper Field, through which the Olympians and their coaches went. Posters, screams of support, cheers, pats on the back, high fives and more sent goosebumps down everyone's spine! True Raiders spirit!

This years Special Olympics was hosted in Lommel, but even before we had a chance to arrive, we had to drop off coach McKenna and Oz Wettenstein to complete part of the Special Olympics torch run! It was followed by the 35th Opening Ceremony in which William Quigley handed flowers to her Royal Highness Princess Astrid. 3442 Athletes, 2930 volunteers and over 10 000 visitors made this event truly one to remember!

We had an action packed weekend in which our 11 Olympians participated in a variety of disciplines with great success!

Find out more about ISB's partnership with Special Olympics Belgium

Written by Maja Asif