Personal Learning at ISB

At ISB, we strive to re-imagine learning and provide our students with the best opportunities to become Independent Learners and International Citizens in an environment where all students are included, challenged and successful.

The Middle School Personal Learning Programme aims to provide all students with the core skills for innovative learning and an opportunity to pursue their personal passions.

Personal Learning is a 30-40 minute block of time each day that integrates the Middle School Advisory Program - we call it Advisory 2.0 - and is designed to provide students with a stronger voice and say in their learning that makes it more personal and includes the following aspects:

  • Exposure to a range of learning opportunities that will help students prepare for their futures
  • Opportunities for students to locate and pursue their personal learning passions
  • Teachers working in mentorship roles, learning alongside students
  • A focus on the arts, creativity, wellness, expression, innovation, design, and technology
  • A range of digital tools for students to monitor their own learning goals and development

The program is founded upon ISB's commitment to modern learning and the Council of International Schools new standards for school accreditation which include:

  • a greater emphasis on global citizenship
  • a strong focus on personalized student learning
  • clear evidence of futures learning
  • the implementation of contemporary research and trends
  • sustainable school improvement and innovation

Take a closer look at what Personal Learning looks like in a video filmed and edited by our Middle School students.