Bringing imagination to life

HS Textile and Fashion Design collaborated with Grade 2 Art class on a design project whereby the ECC students drew a Monster and the HS students turned their scary but lovable drawings into dolls that they could take home. The project began with the Grade 2 students introducing their designs and the HS students working with their clients to realize their vision. The Grade 2 class then visited the HS Art department after a week to see the progress and help select fabrics they would like to have. After 6 weeks the excited Grade 2 students got to meet their Monster doll and see their drawings become a huggable creation. This collaboration was very exciting for all students involved and the HS students did a great job of thoughtfully constructing the dolls and meeting their vision.

Camille (Grade 10):

The process of making the dolls was both fun and hard. It was fun because it was interesting to try something that we hadn't ever done before, as well as seeing the joy in the kids faces when they saw us and their dolls was priceless.Overall this experience was a very memorable one and I will never forget the excitement on the kids faces when seeing how we made the dolls, and their amazement of how we made it out of some rolls of fabric.

Written by Pearl Heneghan, HS Art teacher