ISB Summer Campus Renovations

This summer brought some great improvements to the ISB Campus that were aimed at improving the learning environment and enhancing the learning of our students, whilst also supporting our teachers in their mission of teaching excellence.

See below the changes that we made to the campus:

Where we were working

What we were doing

Restoration of the historical ISB campus

Improving the pathways around the Chateau

Flattened out the area between the Chateau and the Forest Classroom, restoring the view to the lakes

Seeding the newly flattened area with grass, and adding extra grass to the Chateau field

Improving the safety of our campus

Finishing the perimeter fencing, adding two security gates at the main entrance to campus

Renewed road and parking signage

New staircase and pathways for pedestrians arriving on campus

Centralising services

Refurbishment of the Chalet, renamed 'Health and Wellness Centre', and the moving of health and support services into the building

Moving of the Procurement office to the ICC, with deliveries to school arriving at the ICC entrance to leave the Chateau entrance free for the ISB community

Early Childhood Centre

Renovation of ECC lobby to be brighter and more welcoming

Middle School

New look to the General Office

New student collaboration spaces, and improvement of existing areas with more furniture, seating and sockets

New student lounge with comfortable seating

Improvements to teacher collaboration spaces

High School

Restructuring classroom walls to be 'modular', giving them the possibility to be large open spaces

Examination rooms

Rebuilding of ICC top floor into an exam centre

Installation of 4 sound-proof oral exam rooms in the ICC


Restructuring of ECC/ES cafeteria to prevent long queues

Improvement of decor in MS/HS cafeteria

New, removable furniture in both cafeterias, to enable the spaces to become meeting or assembly rooms


Re-naming and re-painting of both gyms to become the Red Gym and the Blue Gym. Addition of new Raiders signage in these colours

View photos of our renovations here: