ISB High School Students Attend Brussels TEDx Talks 2018

On 5 March 2018, sixteen High School students and two ISB teachers attended the TEDx Talks at the Bozar performance centre in Brussels. The theme of the talks was "Brave New World", based on the Aldous Huxley dystopian novel of the same title, and the students saw speakers and performances that focused on topics such as: the future of automated cars, the need for more women and races in technological innovation, and the ethical implications of developments in artificial intelligence. The students left the event full of ideas on the type of future they would like to inhabit.

Each year, the ToK (Theory of Knowledge) Department organises a trip for a group of students to attend the TEDx Talks in Brussels. The TEDx Talks enhance the learning of the students in ToK because ToK examines how knowledge can be obtained in different subject areas and how those areas are interconnected. An entire day of TEDx Talks is similar as it takes one theme and examines how that applies to various professions, therefore our students are able to see how different disciplines approach the same topic.

Due to limited seating, only a certain number of our students could attend the talks. However, in keeping with TED's motto that "ideas are worth spreading", the students shared their experiences and observations in their ToK classes and will give a presentation at an upcoming Community Meeting in the High School.