HS Shakespeare workshop with Scott Moyle and Coco Lee

In March 2018, we welcomed Visiting Artistes Scott Moyle and Coco Lee who came to work with all of our Grade 10 English students on Shakespeare.

Scott and Coco have a very hands-on approach and have always been successful at helping bring Shakespeare from the page to the stage for students with individual class workshops.
They want students to take ownership and tell their stories through Shakespeare's words. The aim of Scott's and Coco's workshops is to make plays which are more relevant to the students, giving them a better grasp of Shakespeare's plays and better understanding of their relevance in today's world.

This year, the students had the opportunity to spend one week with them, while also working together with the Performing Arts Department.
At the end of the week, the whole of Grade 10 were off schedules for a full Shakespeare fest! Throughout the day, the students first learned a song or a dance from Shakespeare's time with Dr Delson, Head of Performing Arts, or Mr Hayes, HS Theatre Teacher, and then spent the rest of the day preparing unique scenes from Shakespeare texts using the teachings of Scott and Coco.

At the end of the day they showcased performances of scenes from Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It with musical interludes between the scenes performed by our student musicians.
Students were able to add their own creative twists on their scenes such as choosing the settings and creating appropriate backdrops. Macbeth on a beach, A Midsummer Night's Dream in a retail warehouse or a trip on a boat for As You Like It.

With their performances, Grade 10 really managed to bring Shakespeare to the 21st century!

These are some of the reflections from Grade 10 students on this experience:

"We could create an adaptation of the scenes we were given without boundaries, using props and scenery/projections that could help us create a certain atmosphere. Then, we had the opportunity to perform them in front of the entire grade. Overall it was a really fun day with interesting activities."

"There was a good atmosphere. I enjoyed the group bonding, and the fact that we got to play around with the characters roles. I really enjoyed the fact that we could have costumes, sound effects and a background when we were playing our scene. I liked the fact that we could add some new creative elements to our scenes"

Watch the video below to experience the atmosphere of this special day yourself:

This video was made by Grade 10 students