How healthy do you actually think you are?

On a scale of 1-10, how healthy do you actually think you are?

If you think your answer is below average, don't panic. ISB has got your back.

The school has decided to aid all of their young adults in this fresh stage of their growing and quickly developing lives. You may have noticed how some of our favorite unhealthy foods, that do not benefit our bodies in the long run, have been replaced with new, wholesome foods. They include ingredients that will help us learn better and grow, rather than filling up our bodies with sweets containing sugars and carbs.

You may have noticed the changes that have been made in the ISB cafeteria, regarding nutritious foods. An older rule that is being addressed again in the MS/HS lunchroom is that students are not allowed to purchase a dessert without a main meal. This is because many staff members started noticing that students were purchasing large amounts of pastries instead of a proper meal, such as fruits, salads, and protein rich foods. A high sugar diet affects students' physical and mental health. This isn't nutritious for students and has negative side effects, regarding focusing on school work, and sports performance. For example, everyone knows that sugar contributes to obesity and diabetes type 2, but it also causes many other problems. Eating too much sugar can compromise cognitive abilities such as learning and memory, skills that are imperative for learning in school. High sugar diets cause insulin resistance, which damages communications between brain cells that power the learning and memory section of the brain, therefore making it harder for students to concentrate on educational work.

We have asked a few students in the Middle School what their opinions are on this big change. One student says, "I'm new to the Middle School, so I don't really know what the cafeteria was like before. So far I really am liking it, though." Another student tells us, "This new change in the cafeteria is going to take some getting used to and a bit of adjustment, but overall I think that this is a fantastic change." A final student states, "I think that it's a good idea because the school is helping students maintain their healthy diets. The school is trying to make us a healthier group of pupils and it's a great idea, but I mean, of course some of the students are upset they can't get their croissants." In the final quote we can see that some teenageers have a sweet tooth and crave snacks that do not benefit their health whatsoever. Overall, we agree with these positive comments. This is a change that will be for the better and will definitely benefit all of the students here.

We believe that this revolution is a fantastic change to the school and the students. A healthy lifestyle is extremely important for everyone, mentally and physically. Too much sugar, carbohydrates, and chocolate is not good for your body. We need to help students understand the importance of caring for their bodies and wanting to keep them in the best possible condition that they wish to have.

Written by Grade 9 News Team students Grace Bassett and Izzy Bass.