Greenlight for girls Day @Brussels

On Saturday 25 of November, the Greenlight for girls team welcomed 300 girls aged 7-15 from over 30 different local schools in the greater Brussels region to celebrate the 8th annual g4g Day @Brussels event, their biggest event of the year, and in partnership with ISB! With over 75 role-model volunteers from 12 organisations and partner companies - like Cisco, Procter & Gamble, Covestro, Nokia, Stanley Black & Decker, Baxter, Rockwell Automation and more – the community came together and hosted 16 different interactive and fun workshops on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Throughout the day, these girls had a chance to discover electrifying & cool physics phenomena using plasma balls & Van de Graaff generators, learn about cyber security with buckets and string, be an optical engineer by creating their own cameras, delve into 4th dimension mathematics, be inspired by technology by coding through a maze with spheros and so much more! ISB's very own Nikki Vreugdenhil and Keri Anne Johnson also inspired over 120 of the girls to see the link between fabrics, design & technology by sewing on conductive daisies on their lab coats!

Greenlight for girls is an international organisation, headquartered in Brussels, dedicated to encouraging girls of all ages and backgrounds to pursue STEM careers, by introducing them to the world of science in fun and exciting ways. Founded in 2010 by engineer & entrepreneur, Melissa Rancourt, g4g has reached over 17,000 students with events held in more than 55 cities and over 4000 volunteers operating across six of the world's seven continents, encouraging science & technology through a variety of hands-on activities. The g4g team reaches new heights, growing exponentially each year – this year alone, the organization has launched in 18 new cities & conducted over 40 events world-wide, including in Shanghai, Abuja, Moscow, all across Finland, NASA's Space Center in Houston, New York City and much more.

Written by Jelena from Greenlight for girls