Students Design Cafeteria Food

Grade 8 students at ISB were recently assigned a project that would benefit all students in the Middle and High Schools - to create a 'superfood' that could be added to the MS/HS cafeteria.

The project was part of the Grade 8 module on Health and Nutrition, run by Coach Will Vreugdenhil. He was inspired to start this project when in London at a teaching seminar, where the participants were learning how to create assessment in an authentic context. In this project, students felt like they were having a direct impact on their own nutrition, as well as that of other students.

'Superfoods' proposed by the students ranged from items of food or drink, such as tea or ginger, to a whole meal like lasagna. The criteria? That the food or drink is nutritious, healthy, and a genuine possibility for the ISB cafeteria to make and sell. The students were required to explain how their choice was a 'superfood' - in terms of its nutrients and benefits - and explain how to eat or cook it. There was also an aspect of marketing involved - the project was run as a contest, with ISB's Head Chef Franco choosing the winning items to actually make and sell, so the students needed to 'sell' their idea to him.

Coach Vreugdenhil said that this assignment meant students using knowledge learnt from previous tasks in a "project where the students can see the direct result of their work". He believes that this project will have a positive impact on the students' eating habits, and that they now know which foods have more sugar than other, and which drinks will hydrate them more efficiently. Grade 8 students are not only affecting their own nutrition, but they will also be contributing to other Middle and High School students and teachers chance to improve or continue their healthy eating habits.

Head Chef Franco chose as the final winners Grade 8 students Grace Bassett and Tess Neuhuys. Grace designed healthy vegetarian meatballs while Tess proposed a grilled chicken and avocado wrap. The winning dishes were made by Chef Franco and showcased in the cafeteria on Thursday 6 April. The ISB Middle School News Team were delighted to be invited to photograph the making of and showcasing of these dishes.

Written by the ISB Middle School News Team: Morgana Angeli, Grace Bassett, and Eliza Levitt