Grade 2 Market Day

On Monday 20 March, Grade 2 students became producers during the ECC Market Day!

The children worked for several weeks on a project in connection to their learning module, Choice and Impact. During this project, they chose to design and create a product to sell during the Market Day. In thinking about their product, students needed to consider their target audience, their purpose, why would someone buy it, where their materials came from and the potential impact of those materials. They worked with a group of High School students over several weeks to learn more about marketing and advertising, to complete a product plan and to create a prototype for them to use as a guide whilst making multiple copies of their product. Students also created small advertisements for the event and wrote arguments to explain why someone should choose to buy their product.

Grade 2 students raised 516 euros in total. Their High School buddies researched several different kickstarter projects that the proceeds could be donated to. The students will decide which business they would like to 'donate' their money to based on information collected about these small start up businesses.

For more photos of the Market Day, click here.