Going Bananas for Snact

Over a year ago, we interviewed ISB Alumni Ilana Taub and Michael Minch-Dixon about their company that they founded in December of 2013.

Snact, their company, make healthy snacks with fruit that would otherwise be wasted. With no added sugar, additives, or preservatives, these low-calories snacks are packaged in biodegradable plastic.

When Ilana and Michael were last interviewed, they were asked what their hopes and goals for the future of Snact were. They said that they wanted to have a positive impact on the food waste in the UK - by doing so improving the environmental situation of the planet - and become a better known company. They accomplished the goals that they had set for themselves and their company and made new packaging with a decomposable material that becomes nutrients for the soil.

The Middle School News Team had the chance to interview Ilana and Michael about Snact's recent projects and the latest addition to their product line. Watch their video interview here.

Written and filmed by Morgana Angeli and Eliza Levitt, MS News Team