ECC Visual Art Chateau Exhibition

"The history of pictures begins in the caves and ends, at the moment, with an iPad. Who knows where it will go next? But one thing is certain, the pictorial problems will always be there - the difficulties of depicting the world in two dimensions are permanent. Meaning you never solve them." -
David Hockney

Grade 2 students have been looking at the way in which British artist David Hockney has experimented with iPads as a new artistic medium. This is not the first time that Hockney has turned new technology to the age-old purposes of art. "Anyone who likes drawing and mark-making," he suggests, "will like to explore this new media." After hearing about the digital flower paintings that Hockney creates and then sends to friends and family each morning, our Grade 2 students got inspired by this and began working on creating their own digital bouquets to be shared at home.

The students have been experimenting with the "Drawing Pad" app, which offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Still life flower arrangements were set up in class for students to use as a starting point for their artwork. After making initial observations, they explored the many tools the app had to offer, including crayons, markers, paint brushes, coloured pencils, stickers and roller pens. After lots of experimenting, the students each had a digital interpretation of the still life that they had created on the iPad. Following this, the students printed out their work and proceeded to develop it further by translating it into the more conventional medium of 'paint on paper'. This second stage of the process enabled students to observe how the iPads had impacted their interpretations of the still life, compared to the interpretations they would have had had they painted the subject directly.

We welcome you to visit the ECC Visual Art Exhibition in the Chateau to see the examples of the iPad drawings and paintings.