e-NABLE Hand-A-Thon 2018

"Giving the world a helping hand", is the motto of e-NABLE, a large group of individuals who 3D print prosthetic hands for people around the world with missing upper limbs. ISB is part of this group and has a student team which actively helps in printing and assembling prosthetic hands.
On 16 May, the ISB e-NABLE student team gathered for an event called the Hand-a-thon, which took a half day and was dedicated to assembling 3D printed prosthetic hands. The different parts for these hands were printed ahead of the event. By the end of the afternoon, they built 23 custom-made hands which would go to the Hospital Necker in Paris.

Until now, the student team has only been building prosthetic hands. This year, however, the group was paired with two children who were both in need of a whole arm. These two prosthetic arms were the first 3D printed arms made in Belgium.

Prosthetic hands/arms not only improve the physical well-being of children but also improve their social relationships and provide them with more confidence. We are very proud of our students for their persistence, dedication and their admirable results with this project!

Watch the video below to see how our students assembled prosthetic hands and experience the moment when Noah tried on his prosthetic arm for the first time!