Dear Retiring MS Faculty & Staff

20 June, 2017

Dear Retiring Middle School Faculty & Staff,

We would like to thank you for all of the days filled with hard work, years of dedication, and the astonishing amount of development that, thanks to you, the Middle School and its students have undergone. We are just a few of the Middle School students who know that their experience at this school is continually improving thanks to the dedication of faculty and staff like you.

Mrs Laura Boucher - Head of Social Studies

Mrs Boucher, thank you for inspiring your students and colleagues alike - and in some cases, inspiring students to become your colleagues! Your colleague Ms McKenna, former ISB student and pupil of yours, says "Your passion, kindness and genuine interest in my life left a mark on me as a student: sparking an interest in history and even more importantly a desire to one day become a teacher, to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of students like you had on mine."

For me, you are one of the greatest teachers that I have ever had in my entire life. Thank you for guiding me through my 8th grade Social Studies. I always know that when I enter your class I am going to learn something new, because you have a very wide range of knowledge about stories, events, and people that are part of our world's history. I especially loved our trip to Normandy and how you were able to bring history to life. Through this, I was able to feel personal connections to the area and the people that were involved in the War. You are a Social Studies painter: you are able to paint incredible pictures on the canvases that are your students' minds.

I know that you are probably going to be relaxing on a nice vacation once you have retired (without all of us kids) but please, please come and visit us when you can - we will without a doubt want to see you again. You will not be forgotten here at ISB and you will definitely not be forgotten by me.


Ms Ella Franken - MS General Office

Thank you... "for the days, months, and years of making all the puzzle pieces fit together to create the 'Big MS Picture'". This is what retired faculty member Angela Purcell said when speaking of you, her friend and former colleague. To me, you are one of the puzzle pieces; the first person to smile at me in the morning when I'm late to school (so nearly everyday)! I am so used to seeing you in the office that your replacement will never truly replace you... As the English department says: "All of the subs! There will be no substitute for you." You help the students in our school on a day to day basis, finding substitutes when teachers can't make it to class, and giving students who lose their lunch cards pink slips. I wish you the best of luck in your retirement, and if you ever miss the pink slips just come visit!


Ms Lois Hanson - MHS Librarian

Ms Hanson, you have been here for 19 years and you have helped so many students in ways they often haven't been aware of. You work behind the scenes in the library, doing things that aren't really visible, but are extremely important. You help the students that come into the library, you catalogue the books so that they know what they are looking for. As one of the students who enjoys reading, I never realised that you were the one who helped me find my books and organises the shelves. Thank you.

You have many friends and colleagues at this school, who will miss you and will always welcome you back. One of your colleagues, Mme Toilier, gave us a beautiful message for you: "Lois, you helped me so much and far beyond what is expected from a colleague. You have taught me so much all these years, far beyond the library sphere. I will definitely miss the colleague, but I'm hoping to keep the friend!"

You are the secret mastermind of our library. Thank you and we wish you a happy and enjoyable retirement with your family and friends.


Ladies, your imprints on the ISB community will be here with us forever. You will not be forgotten and you will always be welcome back at ISB. You all are a part of ISB and will be forever remembered by alumni all around the world.


The MS News Team: Grace Bassett, Morgana Angeli, Eliza Levitt