ES Creativity Camp 2018

"Creativity is life. It is making connections, having fun, creating new and exciting things, it's being inspired by others."
- Ms. Daley

Creativity Camp is a place to express yourself through the things you love to do. It's an opportunity for students to figure out what they are good at and what triggers their creativity. It is also an opportunity to find 'unknown passions' and get a chance to try out something new. The camp is a place to be able to take risks and have fun.

Teachers believe that the Creativity Camp is a good way to add personal experience to the creativity unit by allowing the students to learn and try new things from practical sessions. Students get to choose from many different creativity workshops such as: Leather Working, Graffiti Art, Hip Hop, Drama, Digital Music, Video Game Design, Brazilian Drumming, Camp News and Kite Making. It's a great opportunity for everyone to explore their own creativity and to figure out what makes their creativity flourish.

Throughout the activities students get to use their creativity to create new ideas and have new experiences. They are also able to express themselves through artistic ways, such as colors, designs and rhythm.

"A good thing about these sessions is that students have the time to really dig into creativity and explore it which can be a draw back in school. With their creativity they can come up with very different results that reflect their personality and mood."

-Mr Laleman

Students benefit a lot from developing projects from start to finish. They are able to design a project that shows their understanding of creativity and do it their own way. It's all about risk taking. Trying to venture into something that is unknown to the students. As the students grow they will have to carve their own path and the Creativity Camp is a way to be able to start that path. Teachers hope they will be able to maximise student's creativity in different ways such as problem solving and having fun.

Throughout the camp we have been using the Mobius strip to enhance the students' creativity. Knowledge allows the creativity of students to flourish. Just being able to hold a spray can or a hammer in your hand makes a difference. The experts are really sharing their knowledge to teach the students different ways of being creative and using the skills in the real world. Attitude is also important. Tapping into a positive and creative mindset allows students to pursue different areas of creativity.

Creativity Camp is a way to express yourself authentically. It means 'expressing what is in your heart' and making you feel good. It is like 'a break from the norm', a way to use your brain in different ways. Using it to come up with new solutions and ideas, being in your own world where you can be free.

We hope that this week the students found out what really makes them creative.

Written by Grade 6 students, Nakia and Maite

Below, you can watch the video of this year's Creativity Camp created by Grade 6 students, Lutein and Ammar: