Celebrating Belgium

For the second time, the ISB Family Association has organised a family event under the name "Celebrating Belgium" on 2 February, 2018.

Parents, teachers and children were invited to celebrate the country ISB is situated in and learn about its customs, historical background, political insights and much more.

While adults could enjoy an interesting and original conference on culture, history and politics by Mr. Jean-Paul van der Rest, the children had a custom-made program in "Tintin World" (Tintin being the main character of numerous comic strips written by Belgian author Hergé).
The program included games, quizzes, a movie and a typical Belgian dinner: fries and meatballs.After the conference, the adults were able to taste various typical dishes such as Waterzooi, Stoemp, or Carbonades Flamandes at the Belgian buffet with a choice of Belgian beers.
Different ISB parents volunteered to serve the dishes and the ES Communications Club created a movie with interviews taken in their community about their life in Belgium.

All in all, this was a wonderful evening created by ISB for ISB that combined learning and fun for all of us here in Belgium!

Watch 'Life in Belgium' video created by the ES Communications Club below:

Written by the Celebrating Belgium committee