A Musical Weekend at De Lork

On Friday 15 September, Middle School Band, Strings and VoiceWorks left school early to go on a Music Retreat. They spent the weekend having fun and making music.

The first night was spent with various team building activities, from insane relay races to Rock-Paper-Scissors-Enlightenment, where students played the popular game rock-paper-scissors, but with its own special twist.

Separated into their three individual musical sections, Band, String, and Choir members parted on the second day practising their pieces and working on them. The band members developed and improved their musical abilities through new warm-up routines, higher and more challenging pieces of music, and learned to control their sound based on the surrounding environment. This may include the given space or even the other people around them that they may have to perform with. Strings worked on creating their own riffs. VoiceWorks students learnt new singing techniques and began practising a new classical song, which they will be singing in the winter concert. Strings and choir also did some collaboration on the song Burn, which they performed together on the last day.

The Music Department decided to use this retreat as a way for the new and developing groups of musical pupils to learn more about each other's strengths and weaknesses. They also wanted the students to obtain each other's' trust, have respect for each other, believe in each other, and encourage one another to do better and improve.

Written by Grace Bassett, Grade 9, and Alex Radt, Grade 7

View photos from the weekend below: