ISB Advantage Card

For Current and Prospective Partner Companies

"This is a brilliant idea. I really think the ISB families hold considerable economic power that can benefit us all. I think it can be achieved and maintained by encouraging the use of this card as much as possible, which I can assure you will be done by me!" - ISB Parent

Benefits of the Advantage Card Programme

The opportunity to participate in the ISB Advantage Card Programme is offered to your business for free. However, you will need to offer a discount or service to the ISB Advantage Card holders.

For example, you may want to offer a 10% discount on any product in your shop, a free aperitif with dinner at your restaurant or a special gift to customers.

Through the Programme, you have the remarkable opportunity to market your business to a large community of international expatriates - a key market for businesses such as yours. Your business will also benefit through advertising on the ISB website, where your address, website and discount will entice new clientele. New families to ISB will often use the Advantage Card list as a guide for shopping in a new city.

How to join

If you are interested in participating in our Advantage Card Programme, please complete the online Agreement Form. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the Advantage Card Rules and Regulations.


If you have further questions, consult the FAQ below or contact ISB Communications at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in the Advantage Card Programme?

Families from large multinational corporations will be using the ISB Advantage Card. They will be informed about your business and your services through our website, so participating with us will offer you publicity throughout the school year to all expatriates.

What other companies are involved in this programme?

ISB has a variety of businesses from different categories taking part in this programme. All businesses within the local area are welcome to participate. Click here for a full list of Programme Partners.

Can I withdraw my participation at any point during the year?

Businesses who would like to revoke their participation from the Advantage Card Programme are entitled to do so at any point during the year, but should inform ISB about their decision within a reasonable timeframe.

Can I alter the discount I offer at any time?

The discount offered can be altered at any time but you should inform ISB of the alteration within reasonable prior notice.

How do I guarantee that only the ISB community takes advantage of the card?

The ISB Advantage Card is presented as a sticker that the user will place on the back of the ISB personal badge, which has a picture and the name of the cardholder on it. Please note that only parents and employees will have their own personal badge. ISB Students must borrow their parent's badge to receive the discount.

Is there a minimum discount I must offer?

Most commonly businesses will offer a 10% discount but it is your decision on how much you would like to offer. We would suggest that your discount is enticing enough to attract potential customers.

What is the cost of participating?

Signing up with the ISB Advantage Card Programme is free of charge.