Advantage Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Advantage Card?
All members of the local ISB Community including parents, faculty and staff, members of the American Club of Brussels as well as members of the American Women's Club of Brussels will receive ISB Advantage Cards.

What companies are Programme Partners?
Businesses within the local area are welcome to participate. Click here for a full list of Programme Partners.

What if there is a company already providing a discount to ISB?
If you know a retailer or business that already provides discounts to ISB, please let us know. This service allows us to put their logo and contact details on our Advantage Card web pages, and if they are already giving ISB a discount, we definitely want to give them this opportunity.

Can I offer suggestions on a company to be involved in the programme?
If you have a retailer or business that you know is frequented by ISB Faculty/Staff and would like for us to put them on our list of Advantage Card retailers, let us know. We will be contacting retailers/businesses throughout the year.

What is the cost of the ISB Advantage Card?
The ISB Advantage Card is offered to the ISB Community for free.

What about expiration and/or cancellation?
The ISB Advantage Card is valid from September 1, 2016 until September 1, 2017. The ISB Advantage Card is usually sent out before school starts.

Is the information on the ISB website current?
All of the details of the ISB Advantage Card Programme, the participating retailers and their offers are located and regularly updated on the ISB website at While ISB will make every effort to ensure that the site is up to date, we are not responsible for any incorrect information on the retailers’ offers. You should verify offers with the retailers before your purchase.

What if there are disputes between customers/retailers?
ISB is not responsible for disputes between ISB Advantage card holders and the retailers who participate in the programme. All disputes should be handled directly with the retailers.

Will there be changes to offers or programme partners?
Offers made through the ISB Advantage Card Programme may change. ISB reserves the right to change the list of participating partners at any time, and will make updated changes to the website to reflect these changes. ISB will endeavor to keep the ISB Advantage Card website updated with the latest offers available.

What if I have lost my card?
Participants may stop by the Chateau reception to pick up an ISB Advantage Card if theirs has been lost.

How do I contact card services?
Please contact Communications at or call 02 661 45 19 should you have questions regarding the ISB Advantage Card Programme.