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Discover some ways in which ISB coped with Covid-19 lockdown, how we ensured continuous learning for all our students, and how things have changed since we were able to resume school activities on campus.

We will come back home

In March 2020, we went into lockdown but we continued to learn, read, and explore together. 
We miss our ISB, but we will come back home. It’s always darkest before the dawn. 

What should school be for after managing the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many valuable lessons. The priorities of our families are shifting, and as a school we need to be able to agilely respond to different kinds of crises. Today, there are many things that we hope to bring with us into the future of ISB: from the focus on wellbeing and the kindness of our community, to the independence and self-management skills that many of our students have developed during this difficult time. 

How are parents supporting their children during Distance Learning

Every family situation is different. Many of our parents have witnessed their children struggle, and then grow, as they adapted to a new way of learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of our ISB families shared how they have supported their children during this time. 

Keeping the community together via zoom with ISB Family Association

The Family Association had a crucial role to play in helping families stay connected and engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic. As well as guiding families through some of the health and safety information they needed to know, they had to come up with new and creative ways to continue celebrating one another and staying connected to the school. 

A year like no other at ISB (2020/21)

This year has been truly unique. James MacDonald, ISB Director, speaks about some of the challenges we faced as a school and the ways in which we have adapted and found ways to continue working together as a community. Above all, the way that our campus was able to remain a special place of laughter, engaging conversations, and lifelong learning.

ISB Parent Community Voices - Yoko

One of our ISB parents, Yoko, speaks about the positive impact that Distance Learning at ISB had on her daughter. Though hard to adapt to at the start, her teachers played a crucial role in supporting her progress as well as her mental wellbeing, and as a result of this she became more independent, autonomous, and confident in her learning. 

ISB Teacher Community Voices - Lindsay

Having to keep small children engaged with school from a distance is a challenging task. Lindsay, one of our ECC teachers, speaks about the ways in which they were able to help their students grow, become more responsible and independent, while keeping them close to the ISB community with the invaluable support of their parents, as well.

ISB Student Community Voices - Tamar

In this video, we hear from ISB student Tamar as she describes to us how she has continued to learn and grow during the pandemic. With the support of her teachers, Tamar was able to overcome her challenges and continue to find the space and time to be creative and innovative at home. 

ISB Student Community Voices - Violette

ISB student Violette speaks to us about the changes that the pandemic has brought to her life. Realizing the value of school and the importance for her to connect with her teachers and friends - as well as how ‘fun’ school can really be - Violette, just like many of her peers, is searching for ways to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and ‘carve [her] peace haven among the chaos.’ 

Creating 3D printed face shields

In collaboration with St.John’s International School, a group of ISB employees is using ISB’s 3D printers to create visors that will then be used to assemble face shields that will protect people from Covid-19. Students of the eNable group, who come together at the Hand-a-Thon to create 3D prosthetic hands, also took part in this important project, and received feedback from frontline workers to ensure that the face shields were as protective as possible. 

Tackling new challenges with an open mind

Elementary School student Bijan records this video in which he talks about what learning looks like during Covid-19, and how his challenges became opportunities for growth. He also shares the way in which he and his classmates grew closer over the course of the pandemic, finding creative and funny ways to stay connected and reinforce their friendships. 

Back on campus with ILS classroom

It was wonderful to return to campus with our ILS students, and ECC ILS teacher Pamela Pokorny describes the holistic approach they are taking to ensure that the children transition back into their classroom routine as smoothly as possible. Our ILS team of educators have done a wonderful job, and are continuing to teach our young students some of the new life skills they will need in order to navigate and be integrated into today’s social society.