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Our curriculum is designed to support students to develop the understanding, skills and dispositions that will enable them to be successful. Explore what learning at ISB looks like in practice. Want to see more? Discover our Learning in Action stories


What Makes ISB Different

Each school is unique in its own way. Our warm and inclusive community at ISB welcomes students from all over the world, empowering them to pursue their passions, become independent learners, and discover what mark is theirs to make in the world. In this video, our students speak directly about what makes ISB different for them.

IB Diploma Programme at ISB

ISB is proud to offer the largest inclusive IB Diploma (IBDP) in Belgium. We believe that all students should receive equal access to learning opportunities, and that everyone has the ability to be successful in the world. As the oldest international school in Belgium, ISB has been offering the IBDP for almost over 45 years.

English Language Development programme at ISB

As an inclusive school, we want to ensure all of our students are given the same opportunities for success. Our English Language Development programme is offered at all levels across the school, and we provide supported immersion in the mainstream programme as well as specialised english development classes in smaller groups. As a school that values student autonomy, we want our students to evaluate their own progress as they learn and grow. 

Passion Learning in the ES

At ISB, we want our students to learn more about themselves and their abilities, building the confidence they need to pursue their passions at every stage of their lives. Our Passion Learning class allows them the space to grow their curiosity and develop a voice in their learning. Although Passion Learning as a class takes place in the Elementary School, the same opportunities are offered across all of the grade levels at ISB.

Learning through play in the ECC

Children need to connect, observe, and explore the world around them. We help little learners think through big ideas by turning play into a variety of learning experiences, purposefully using our materials to ensure that students learn in creative, imaginative, and investigative ways. Our skilled Early Childhood Team helps to provide them with the best possible foundation for lifelong learning. 

ECC Math in the forest

We are lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful forest that provides endless opportunities for learning and exploration. In the Early Childhood Centre, our young students learn about science and math in an outdoor forest classroom that allows them to delve deeper into those creative and investigative units that spark their curiosity and passion for learning.     

Learning in the HS labs

The science labs in our High School are a dynamic place where students are encouraged to take initiative and conduct experiments that challenge their thinking in new and innovative ways. By collaborating as a team, they learn from each other, confront their fears, and find the courage to delve deeper and reach further in their learning. 

ISB Plus Programme

At ISB, we encourage students to explore their interests and learn new skills by challenging them to learn outside the classroom as well. Our ISB Plus programme introduces students to a range of experiences that help them discover their passions and develop multi-developmental skills in a number of different areas. 

ES Creativity Camp

Every year, the Elementary School Creativity Camp offers students an opportunity to enhance their unique set of creative skills by finding new ways of problem solving and thinking creatively. During the week-long Camp, students are given the space to try new things, take risks that expand their learning and creativity, and have fun together as a team. 

ILS Gardening in the MS

Our ILS Gardening project is one of the many examples of how we embrace the capacities of all of our learners at ISB. Our Intensive Learning Support (ILS) students were given a plot of land to use on campus, and with the help of an ISB gardener they learned how to plant different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Spending time outdoors and connecting with the environment was crucial to their wellbeing and personal development, and at the end of all their hard work, they were also able to eat their favourite fruits and vegetables!