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Moving to a new country, starting a new school, and finding new friends can be challenging. At ISB, we are fortunate to have a community where people quickly feel at home, where lasting memories are made, and where every community member is valued and celebrated.

International Festival at ISB

At ISB, we celebrate internationalism on a daily basis, and we value every opportunity we have to come together as a community and celebrate one another. Our International Festival brings everyone in one place to celebrate the different cultures, cuisines, and customs that make up who we are as a school.

Our Global Alumni Community

Wherever they are in the world, our Alumni will forever be a part of the ISB family. It is always a joy to welcome them back on campus, share stories, and hear about the many ways in which ISB continues to have an impact on their lives today.

At Homecoming, we celebrate our entire community. As well as cheering for our student athletes and listening to our young artists perform, Homecoming is an opportunity to celebrate ISB as a learning community and as a place of legacy, family, and lifelong friendships.