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Discover some ways in which ISB coped with Covid-19 lockdown, how we ensured continuous learning for all our students, and how things have changed since we were able to resume school activities on campus.

Learning Innovation

As a school, we believe in harnessing the power of the emerging technologies of today, helping our students develop into responsible innovators, creators, and contributors to society. Learning innovation empowers our students to problem solve, think critically about the issues around them, and make the world a better place.

Innovation at ISB

In order to flourish, innovation requires the right environment, opportunities, and people. At ISB, we want to provide our students with every chance they can get to communicate the world around them in original and innovative ways. We want to equip them with the right tools and resources, while empowering them to believe in themselves, above all else. 

Student-led learning in the MS Creativity Studio

Discover our new Middle School Creativity Studio, a space where students can unleash their creative potential and work on projects involving sewing, stitching, robotics, arts and crafts, digital technology, and so much more. The studio was set up to meet the needs and interests of our Middle School students, and it’s a huge success!

Renovating ISB Libraries

When we renovated our Lower School and Upper School libraries, we wanted to ensure that we were creating a purposeful space that met the needs of our younger and older students. The Lower School library is a colorful and vibrant space focused on community and collaboration, while in the Upper School, the library is dedicated to research and study.

Constructing 3D printed prosthetic limbs

During our Hand-a-thon 2019, a number of ISB students participated in an event dedicated to celebrating children with missing limbs. They assembled 33 wired custom 3D printed prosthetic hands for the Pediatric Hospital Necker in just one afternoon!

Learning by Design 2019

The second Learning by Design Conference hosted by ISB was attended by more than 450 people, including 50 students. The conference marked a continuing conversation between ISB teachers, parents, and students, and educational colleagues from around the world, who came together to re-imagine the future of learning.

Personal learning in the MS

Personal Learning in the Middle School is an opportunity for students to choose modules based on their interests and passions. Students can take part in projects that allow them to innovate, create, communicate, express, and have fun together. 

Learning by Design 2017

The first Learning by Design Conference hosted by ISB was attended by more than 400 educators and 120 students. This conference was a call to reimagine the way that schools facilitate learning in a culture characterized by open knowledge systems, inclusive educational communities, and rapid social change.