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We believe that ISB students should make considered choices that maximize their physical, social and emotional well-being. Discover some of the ways we encourage students to be physically active during their time at ISB and beyond.

ISB Raiders

At ISB, we are athletes. We are diverse, driven, dedicated, and united by a passion to compete. We are the only school in Belgium to offer American Football, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Baseball, Softball, and a full programme for boys’ Volleyball.

The Girl Athletes of ISB

They are dedicated to hard work, teamwork, and their friends. They have a passion for challenging themselves. They are the girl athletes of ISB.

Developing physical literacy at ISB

All of our students are gifted with different abilities and talents. At ISB, we nurture their social skills and self-confidence through purposeful play and practice, celebrating their progress, and helping to shape their holistic development as a whole. 

ISB Athletics Strongbox

Take a look inside our ISB Athletics Strongbox! This is where our students are given an opportunity to complete workouts that challenge them, strengthen their physical and emotional performance, and encourage a sense of collaboration and fun. 

Special Olympics Virtual Games 2021

As an inclusive school, ISB is a proud partner of Belgium’s Special Olympics, open to all Intensive Learning Support (ILS) students from Grades 3 to 12. Last year, our ISB team took part in the National Games and participated in running, badminton, adapted physical & motor skills, basketball and soccer, among other sports. We are very proud of all of our athletes!

Tennis Season look back

In this video, we look back on a memorable season of games, fun, hard work, and lifelong friendships.