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A young girl with a teacher at the International School of Brussels

Learning Support

We are purposefully building a community of neuro-diverse learners, which enriches and strengthens us, so we invite and welcome students with learning and developmental disabilities.

Our Mission of everyone included, challenged and successful is one that we take seriously. ISB is an inclusive school serving our diverse and globally mobile community by offering high quality programmes for children who learn differently, so that we serve the whole family at one school. We understand the complexity of providing support for students with a range of learning or cognitive disabilities and make plans with you, starting at the point of admissions, to ensure that the needs of your children are met.

Multidisciplinary teaming is a well-established best practice in the field. Within our team we have experienced professionals with specialised expertise in pedagogical support and mediation of learning and cognitive disabilities, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Counselling. Working to support students who are exceptionally highly able is also central to our Mission, as is providing the right level of challenge for every student. Presently, unfortunately we have limited opportunities for students with significant emotional or behavioural needs.

We provide the full spectrum of Learning Support, with managed numbers to maintain balanced classes.

For most students, we are able to meet their needs within the classroom with differentiated strategies, however, when students require more than differentiated support in the classroom they could receive learning support. The range of support is described in broad categories although we appreciate that children do not always fall neatly into these boxes:

Mild Support

Provided by trained professionals in a balanced service delivery model consisting of small groups or within speech language or occupational therapies, or a combination.

Moderate Support

A programme through which children with more complex learning profiles are supported through a combination of co-taught and small group support in conjunction with the appropriate therapies.

Intensive Support

Four Intensive Learning Support Programmes for children with cognitive or developmental disabilities are available, one in each Division. Students work with a team of specialised professionals with opportunities both in the small group and grade level setting with their age peers and is highly customised for each student. The curriculum has an emphasis on functional academics, functional life skills and has Speech Language and Occupational Therapies built into the programme. There are additional unique opportunities in therapeutic horseback-riding, adaptive physical education, and participate in the Special National Special Olympics Games each year. As their graduation approaches, there is an emphasis on promoting independent life skills and pre-vocational studies to prepare for post-secondary opportunities and life after ISB.

We work in close collaboration with specialists to offer targeted interventions through therapies and consider these services fundamental within a balanced programme for students who require learning support. Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Therapy is offered at ISB.