Student Support Services

We believe in our Mission of inclusion.

We welcome students with diverse learning needs and understand the complexity and mutual benefit of being a truly inclusive school.

We are proactive and responsive in the development of each child’s needs through a multidisciplinary team based approach.

Learning Support Services

We cater to a wide range of learning needs from mild to intensive learning and developmental disabilities, and offer manage numbers carefully to ensure that students receive a highest level of support and care.

Counselling Services

We have counselling programmes that are both proactive and responsive to student needs in each division of the school to support students and parents focusing on four domains: Academic, Personal Social, Careers, and Global Perspectives.

Health Services

We promote, support, and protect student and employee health. Our goal is to enable general well-being, success for learning, and a balanced healthy lifestyle, through both physical and emotional support during school hours.

Allied health services are available on campus for students who require them. Speech Language Therapy, Occupational/Sensory Integration Therapy, and Physical Therapy are integral supports of our multidisciplinary team.

Psychological Services

We offer collaborative approaches in referral and consultations with community mental health services, and monitoring of student mental health needs on campus.

Assessments for learning and developmental needs are available in house as well as part of our multidisciplinary approach.

We actively monitor and respond in cases of emotional needs and have a rigorous child protection policy to ensure physical and psychological safety of children.