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Student Support



Although students at ISB are encouraged to challenge themselves - we do not expect them to go about it alone. Coming from different schools, countries and systems can be a challenge, so we work with each student to make sure they can thrive at ISB. 

We are proactive and responsive in the development of each child’s needs through a multidisciplinary team based approach. Each school division has active Multidisciplinary Student Study Teams that provide a positive, problem-solving process to identify strategies and programmes that may resolve or alleviate academic or personal difficulties that students are having. Whatever the circumstances, we are here to help students succeed. 

Many people came into our lives and supported us, but ISB acted as the backbone to Parth’s success today. I really hope that the world will become more open to supporting students with learning support needs, because if someone is capable of achieving something, no matter who they are, then they should be given the chance to try it. ISB gave us that chance.”


ISB Counselling Services

We offer counselling programmes that are both proactive and responsive to student needs throughout the school to support students and parents focusing on four domains: Academic, Personal Social, Careers, and Global Perspectives.


Psychological Services

We offer collaborative approaches in referral and consultations with community mental health services, and monitoring of student mental health needs on Campus. Some assessments for learning and developmental needs are available in house as well as part of our multidisciplinary approach. We actively monitor and respond in cases of emotional needs and have a rigorous Child Protection Policy to ensure the physical and psychological safety of children.

Health Services

At ISB we promote, support, and protect student and employee health. Our goal is to enable general well-being, success for learning, and a balanced healthy lifestyle, through both physical and emotional support during school hours. Qualified School Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational/Sensory Integration Therapists, and Physical Therapists are integral parts of our multidisciplinary team.


Child Protection

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice