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Student Support

At ISB, we understand that changing schools, countries and systems are all added challenges for our international community of students. We therefore adopt a personalised approach to help each child thrive at ISB in their own unique way.
Acting both proactively and responsively to the development of our students, our Inclusion & Challenge Department has an established multidisciplinary team-based approach in each of our divisions covering Learning Support, Counselling, Psychological needs, Health Services, High-Ability programmes, and Intensive Learning needs.
Our Multidisciplinary Student Study Teams provide a positive, problem-solving process to identify strategies and programmes that may resolve or alleviate academic or personal difficulties that the student experiences.

“ISB acted as the backbone to Parth’s success today.


ISB Counselling Services

We offer counselling programmes school-wide that are both proactive and responsive to your child’s needs. Our aim is to support both students and parents in four main areas: Academic, Personal/Social, Careers, and Global Perspectives.


Psychological Services

We are committed to finding the right support for your child. Using both in-house assessment and collaborative work with external professionals, we lay out a personalised strategy to meet your child’s needs. Our close links with local mental health professionals ensure that we develop a workable plan. We also ensure that our support teachers have the proper training to lead your child down the road to success. Additionally, we actively monitor and respond in cases of emotional needs to ensure the well-being of our students.

Health Services

At ISB, we promote, support, and protect student and employee health. Our goal is to enable general wellbeing, success for learning, and a balanced healthy lifestyle, both through physical and emotional support during school hours. Qualified School Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, and Occupational Therapists are integral parts of our multidisciplinary team and work with students of all grade levels.

Child Safeguarding

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice