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Service Learning

Service Learning at ISB is defined as a learning method where skills and knowledge are applied through planned action that addresses an authentic community need. Service learning is an integral part of the ISB learning experience for all students.  

Examples of Service Learning opportunities across the Divisions include:

High School

All High School students are involved in Service Learning Projects. At least 45 students are out each weekend engaged in these projects, sometimes as many as 80. Service Learning is a core component of ISB’s academic and socio-emotional programme. 

In addition to the integration into the curriculum, students participate in Creativity – Activity – Service (CAS).

Middle School

The following Service Learning is embedded in the curriculum: 

• Grade 7 internet awareness
• Grade 8 environmental focus;
• Grade 9 working with community organisations support for charities such as Enable France, Make a Wish, and educational organizations in Malawi and Kenya through the Run-a-Thon
• Independent projects in Making a Difference class
• Building prosthetic hands

Elementary School

• Sanitation Celebration in grade 4 
• Healthy Eating Promotion in grade 5 
• Human Rights Support in grade 6 
• Other projects include Student Council
• Serve the City reach out 
• End of term celebrations
• Singing for the elderly, 
• Peer mediation. 

Some projects are in collaboration with High School.

Early Childhood Centre

• Fund raiser for soup kitchen
• Visits to home for elderly
• Collaboration with High School students who act as classroom assistants

Service in the Community

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