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Middle School

The Upper School at ISB

Grade 7 – Grade 9

The Middle School (MS) at ISB is a place intentionally designed to meet the unique developmental needs of the adolescent learner. We believe that a child’s emotional development is as important as their intellectual growth. Between the age of twelve to fifteen, choice and ownership become increasingly important for learners. During Middle School,  students extend their independent learning skills in our dynamic and personalised learning environment. 


Middle School provides adolescent learners with opportunities to explore challenging and engaging learning opportunities in an environment designed to nurture empowerment, passion, creativity and collaboration in real-world contexts. The Middle School combines high standards with joyful and meaningful learning experiences as part of the ISB culture of inclusion, challenge, and success. MIKE CROWLEY, HEAD OF MIDDLE SCHOOL

To love working with adolescents, you need to be a particular kind of educator. An ISB MS teacher.

The MS has assembled the best possible group of teachers imaginable. They are not only teachers - they are also authors, engineers, medical doctors, scientists and mathematicians. Our teachers bring a passion to their areas of expertise that ignite our students’ imagination, sparking a desire to extend  their learning in the process. Our team are experts in meeting the needs of all adolescent learners, and have a clear passion for doing so.

Developing Independent Learners

ISB Middle School offers a comprehensive range of course options that represent our commitments to providing high-quality personal learning opportunities and choice to our students. In addition to a strong programme of challenging academic courses in traditional subject areas, there are also a broad range of specialised courses in areas such as the arts (band, choir, digital music, drama, orchestra), coding, creative writing, engineering design, film making, robotics, sustainability and the visual arts. The state-of-the-art facilities have been designed to meet the needs of modern learners.

Bilingual Programme

The long-established and highly-regarded bilingual programme at the Middle School is one of its most popular features. Students who have at least two years in French are eligible to study both Science or Social Studies in French. This immersion approach to academics in French allows non-native speakers to reach fluency more quickly while allowing native speakers to study in their mother tongue.

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