Learning Innovation

Innovation is a way of thinking that seeks, through the use of a set of core skills and dispositions, to create new or improved solutions to challenges that face us in our daily and future lives. The words innovation and creativity are, in many instances, interchangeable. The innovator strives to bring about significant change in positive ways, with the intent of bringing about an improved outcome for the general good.

Innovation is less about the tools and technologies of the 21st century, but more, as author George Couros contends, “about how we use those things.” We need to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world and to empower them to understand the potential they have as innovators themselves. At The International School of Brussels we are committed to developing the following skills and character dispositions and providing our students with the opportunities to apply these in authentic learning situations.

Tony Wagner: Skills of Innovators George Couros: Innovator’s Mindset
Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingEmpathetic
Collaboration Across Networks Problem Finders
Agility and Adaptability Risk-Takers
Initiative and Entrepreneurship Networked
Accessing and Analyzing Information Observant
Effective Oral and Written Communication Creators
Curiosity and Imagination Resilient


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