We are returning to better...and we are capturing our learning in action!

The International School of Brussels

Everyone included

Everyone challenged

Everyone successful


At this particular moment in time, we are all learning, adapting and evolving. Learning to stay physically distanced, but emotionally connected. Adapting to new ways of embracing the unpredictable. Evolving to a better version of ourselves. 

We are returning to better... and we are capturing our Learning in Action.

This platform is designed to provide authentic windows into life and learning at ISB by capturing learning stories from members of our community. Stories are released in a Digital Publication available at the end of a learning cycle.

What does it mean to be a successful learner during distance learning? This reflection led us to Distance Learning in Action back in March 2020, when the ISB campus was closed due to Covid-19. The stories focused on students projects, community reflections, challenges and successes during that period.