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US High School Diploma

The US High School Diploma, requiring a minimum of 19 credits in total, is a credential awarded to students who complete a college preparatory programme based on the entry requirements of American colleges and universities. The US High School Diploma programme provides students with a broad selection of subjects in several academic areas – including English, Mathematics, Arts (Visual & Performing), Languages, Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science & Technology, and Physical Education/Health. This course of study is a valid option for students seeking to enrol at American Colleges. Additionally, the programme provides the academic challenge needed for students to maximize their learning, both within the classroom and through an extensive variety of service learning projects. The US High School Diploma is regionally accredited by Middle States Association - MSA

Holders of the US High School Diploma also satisfy the entry requirements for universities outside the United States if their high school record includes a prescribed number of IB certificate courses as determined by the university or national education system to which they are applying.

The US High School Diploma can be complemented by the IB Diploma Programme or IB Career-related Programme as of grade 11.


Visual Art

At ISB, we believe in the creative learner. Humans have always expressed their interpretations of the world through a rich range of creative media. Visual Arts can influence societal development by challenging commonly held perspectives with creative ideas.

The International Baccalaureate

The world-renowned IBDP is a rigorous, two-year course of study that is recognized by universities around the world and is offered to qualified students entering grade 11. ISB has been offering the IBDP for more than 40 years and today has the most comprehensive programme in Belgium.

Performing Arts

At ISB, we believe that Performing Arts plays an integral role in every student's academic career. Throughout their time at ISB, students can get involved in Music, Theatre Arts, and Theatre Design. Students become aware of their own personal and cultural perspectives while developing an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of performing arts practices and their impact on humanity and culture as a whole.


Mathematics at ISB focuses on helping students better understand, describe and predict the world around them through the use of patterns, shapes, functions and models.

Physical Education

At ISB, we believe in developing physically literate learners in a safe and positive environment. A physically literate learner understands that literacy is cultivated in a process where learners have confidence and competency in movement and can apply their understanding and skills in a variety of environments.

Student Support Services

We are both proactive and responsive in terms of offering student centered supports that promote physical and mental health, and wellness, optimal learning opportunities and interventions through a range of support services. It is a whole child approach.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences at ISB focuses on helping students understand how our social world works and how the social world interacts with the physical world. Social sciences brings together ideas and concepts from the fields of history, geography, economics, sociology and psychology.


Science at ISB focuses on helping students understand how the physical world works. Science brings together ideas and concepts from the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics.

English Language

English Language Arts at ISB focuses on helping students understand that there is something essentially human about our desire to and capacity for telling stories, and that we gain an understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us through stories. Students will understand that reading is not only a pleasure but key to all critical thought, and will learn to interpret the impact of context upon the production and reception of texts.


The language programmes at ISB aim, to the greatest extent possible, to support all ISB students to become proficient users of more than one language.