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The ISB Individualised Diploma

This diploma provides an opportunity for students in our Intensive Learning Support programme to develop their potential and independence through personalised targets documented in their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and Transition Plans. Students who qualify for this program have the opportunity to access an ISB education until age 21. Graduation timing decisions are made on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with the team and family with special consideration given to relocation and post-secondary opportunities/availability in the country of residence.  

A transition plan is established for each student in the first year of high school so that specific goals can be targeted for post-ISB experiences. Support and counseling through this process is given so that each student and family can find the right match for the next educational, vocational and living opportunity.

The Intensive Learning Support programme focuses on striking a balance between functional academics, adaptive, and life skills for students with special educational needs.  ILP goals are set and evaluated collaboratively by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of, teachers, speech and or occupational therapists, counselors, parents, the student, and in some cases additional support professionals who work with the student. Inclusion in academic and elective classes is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is encouraged to further develop individual student strengths.

Programme components include:

·  Functional academics in the core literacies
·  Functional life skills
·  Pre-vocational skills
·  Social and emotional skills 
·  All students are involved in on-campus job experiences, and off campus job opportunities are offered to students once on campus jobs have been mastered.