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IB Diploma Programme Results 2020

A Message to the Community from the ISB Leadership Team

For more than 40 years, ISB has supported students to successfully complete the IB Diploma Programme. Today, we are proud to offer the largest and most inclusive IB Diploma Programme in Belgium. 

In 2020, there were a total of 148 IB candidates, of which 132 took the IB Diploma (IBDP).  It has taken some time to arrive at definitive grades given the unprecedented circumstances, but the IB results were eventually awarded this week.

Our IB Diploma students scored an average of 32.5 points. A full breakdown of the revised scores can be seen below.

How does ISB compare to other schools around the world?
Each year, some families ask us to compare our results to selective schools around the world. Below are two data points that help families assess how well our students perform against peers in other schools. As an inclusive school, we believe that all students who have the possibility of successfully completing the IB Diploma should be given access to the Programme.

If we used moderately selective criteria to determine access to our DP programme, like other schools around the world do, our average this year would have been over 36 points. Likewise, if we selectively admitted only the top third of our students to the Programme, our average result would be 38 points.

Like many other schools around the world, we actively questioned  the results that were initially  awarded to students, by working directly with the IB and other schools and universities to advocate for our students. As a result of our work and that of other schools, the IB introduced appeal and review procedures and ultimately decided to base student grades more closely on the work they had produced as part of e coursework and internal assessments, as well as on predicted grades. In the new results announced this week, 85 students have had their IB score increased by 1 point or more, and none has been reduced.

Our teams of counselors, IBDP coordinator and high school leadership have been working tirelessly with students and families over the past six weeks. Many universities showed compassion in awarding places to our students who initially missed conditional offers. With this latest good news, we are proud today that the overwhelming majority of students aiming for higher education in September have now received offers and accepted places at universities and colleges. Despite all of this, we are continuing the IB outcome review process to revisit the grading for some of our students where results appear anomalous.

We encourage any families with continued concerns to reach out to us  in order to ensure that we can offer  support in every way possible. At the same time, we wish every success to each one of our students who are moving on to the next stage in their educational journey.


James MacDonald
Incoming ISB Director

Last updated 18 August 2020