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Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a key component of the High School experience. The aim is to expose students to new experiences, often outside of their comfort zone, and to foster a lifelong commitment to helping others. All students in the High School participate in a robust Community Engagement Programme where, in addition to providing on campus support for events and activities, each student volunteers on a regular basis in the local community. An average weekend involves at least 60 students actively volunteering with our community partners. The community partners fall into roughly 7 categories: homeless, refugees, disadvantaged children, individuals with additional needs, low-income families, animal welfare, and environmental projects.
The projects vary from short-term one off experiences, to long-term commitments. Students are free to choose the specific community partners that they work with and are actively encouraged to independently connect with organisations of their own choice. These projects aim to address authentic needs of the organisations and prioritise building relationships and a mutually beneficial collaboration.




Total hours volunteered to authentic communities in need


Number of students involved


Number of base community engagement partners


Number of lunch packages provided


Number of hygiene packages provided


Number of feminine packages provided



Current ISB Community Engagement Projects at the HS

  • Providing constant support to the homeless, low-income, elderly, underprivileged and refugees though various organisations and projects on a weekly basis
  • Organising monthly activity afternoons for refugee children and teenagers
  • Organising monthly activity afternoons for children living in social care
  • Organising bi-monthly activity afternoons for the elderly
  • Preparing and serving meals in soup kitchens and refugee centres on a weekly basis
  • Preparing and serving food to those living on the streets on a weekly basis
  • Participating in local Red Cross projects and activities on a weekly basis Supporting children and adults with additional needs on a weekly basis
  • Supporting the elderly and vulnerable to remain in their own homes
  • Preparing and delivering lunch packs, hygiene kits and feminine packages to the homeless on a monthly basis
  • Helping to maintain a protected wetland in the commune of Lasne and supporting frog migration initiatives across Brussels Volunteering at an animal sanctuary on a weekly basis
  • Removing waste from canals and rivers across Belgium on a monthly basis
  • Supporting charity fundraisers