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The High School at ISB

Grade 10 – Grade 12

High school (HS) is the place where learning culminates at the ISB. During these final three years, students are empowered to develop the skills and knowledge they will need for success as they venture out into a complex world. While grade 9 is located in the Middle School, the courses taken in Grade 9 count toward ISB’s High School graduation requirements.

The ISB HS offers strong academic programmes, personalisable, and flexible pathways, and a robust co-curricular program in the arts, athletics and activities. The ISB HS teachers and staff help students grow, lead, and contribute to the broader community as they encourage and support students to challenge themselves and strive for excellence.



International School of Brussels campus

Different Pathways.

The High School serves a diverse student body with a wide range of needs, talents, interests, and futures. The High School experience is focused on providing a range of pathways towards graduation that students can tailor to their individual needs and learning styles, alongside a strong emphasis on character development and the skills they need to lead a flourishing life. With 60 plus teachers from all over the world, the High School offers a diverse programme taught by global experts in their fields, which offers unique learning paths for all students.




Student Choice

The High School is where students are able to use all of their previous experience to truly own their learning path. With over 120 different courses, the High School offers a wide range of options which allow students to personalise their areas of exploration, challenge, and focus. Grade 10 provides a safe place to hone in on interests in preparation for their final 2 years at ISB. Grade 10 students have access to levelled classes and can opt to choose Advanced Placement (AP) subjects for additional rigour. As students enter Grade 11 and 12 they continue to benefit from flexible pathway options, choosing from the 120 different ISB, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and/or BTEC offerings. The personalised guidance we give to students and families help students tailor their program to meet their current and future goals.


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International School of Brussels campus

High School Counselling

The High School provides support for students' academic and social-emotional growth both in and outside the classroom. We understand that this is an important time as students are making important decisions about their future.

Through our advisory and counselling programmes, students (and families) are guided and supported as they navigate adolescence, grow in their academic understanding, contribute meaningfully to society, and plan for their future. Each student chooses a unique path after graduation. Whether it is continuing their studies at universities around the world, working in their field of interest with the help of our vast network of alumni, or taking some time off to pursue passions and discovery, our experienced counsellors provide guidance and support for all students in their journey, regardless of the path they have chosen.

Our goal is to make sure students are successful and challenged, safe and healthy, and that they feel supported throughout their High School years.




Graduation Pathways

Community Engagement

Academic Performance