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Elementary School

Grade 3  Grade 6 (Ages 8 to 12) 

In the Elementary School at ISB, we help your child to learn to explore the world with curiosity, asking questions and developing skills in problem solving and interpretation.

The ISB learning experience in the Elementary School builds upon the foundations laid down by further consolidating the understandings, skills and knowledge necessary for a lifetime of inquiry-based learning.

The Elementary School years are exciting ones for opening doors to new possibilities. Students are eager to learn more about themselves and the world around them, with increasing levels of sophistication and independence. By tapping into interests, talents and passions, students blossom both individually and as a community.

Anna Zeiders, Elementary School Head


Curriculum Summary

Visual Art

At ISB, we believe in the creative learner. Humans have always expressed their interpretations of the world through a rich range of creative media. Visual Arts can influence societal development by challenging commonly held perspectives with creative ideas.

Performing Arts

At ISB, we believe that Performing Arts plays an integral role in every student's academic career. Throughout their time at ISB, students can get involved in Music, Theatre Arts, and Theatre Design. Students become aware of their own personal and cultural perspectives while developing an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of performing arts practices and their impact on humanity and culture as a whole.


The language programs at ISB aim, to the greatest extent possible, to support all ISB students to become proficient users of more than one language.


Mathematics in the primary years focuses on helping students develop their understanding of mathematical concepts and skills that can be applied in everyday life as well as for continued learning in mathematics.

English Language & Literacy

English Language and Literacy in the Early Childhood Center and the Elementary School is designed to support students to become fluent users of language who enjoy reading, writing and communicating for pleasure and are able to use their language skills purposefully as learners.

Science & Social Studies

In the Early Childhood Centre and the Elementary School at ISB a set of transdisciplinary units are taught using an inquiry-based methodology.

Physical Education

At ISB, we believe in developing physically literate learners in a safe and positive environment. A physically literate learner understands that literacy is cultivated in a process where learners have confidence and competency in movement and can apply their understanding and skills in a variety of environments.

Student Support Services

We are both proactive and responsive in terms of offering student centered supports that promote physical and mental health, and wellness, optimal learning opportunities and interventions through a range of support services. It is a whole child approach.

English Language Development

For learners who have not yet reached the level of proficiency in English necessary to access the subject area curricula, ISB provides a programme of English Language Development. 

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