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Elementary School

The Lower School at ISB

Grade 3 - Grade 6

The Elementary School (ES) at ISB is where children ages 8-12 years come to learn to explore the world with curiosity, asking questions and developing skills in problem solving and interpretation. This is where the Learning Journey continues, building upon the foundations laid in the Early Childhood Centre, further consolidating the understandings, skills and knowledge necessary for a lifetime of inquiry-based learning.

Our job is to bring out the best in every student to help them flourish. Our students set goals and challenges and then we work hard to achieve them together.

The Elementary School years are exciting ones for opening doors to new possibilities. Students are eager to learn more about themselves and the world around them, with increasing levels of sophistication and independence. By tapping into interests, talents and passions, students blossom both individually and as a community.

Lots of ways to shine

Being successful isn't only about getting the answer, it is about figuring out the problem. At the ES, learning is conceptualised and we connect the learning to big ideas. Our concepts help students see connections to other ideas. 

Teachers work closely with students to ensure the right level of challenge, engagement and purpose. Students achieve success through hard work, through effort, and through perseverance and we all celebrate their success. 

Outstanding faculty - specialist teachers, generalist teachers, speech and language, and counsellors - guide students to question, to explore and to express their thinking. So depending on students' interests and strengths they have lots of ways to shine across the school day.

Student Choice - Passion Learning

At the ES we want our learners to look beyond the classroom. Every week students can identify an area they want to explore and focus on - and eventually share with the broader community. Students identify something they are passionate about, and there is a lot of choice in what they will work on. This allows students to grow both in their knowledge and in how they explore learning and overcoming challenges.

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