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The Early Childhood Centre at ISB

Preschool to Grade 2

The Early Childhood Centre (ECC) at ISB is where children ages 2.5-8 years come to discover a strong passion for learning that sets them up for life. At the very beginning of their learning journey, students are a part of a small school community that is supportive of the needs of young learners - while being able to discover all of the benefits of being part of the wider ISB campus and community.

The ISB learning experience in the ECC is focused upon providing a safe, nurturing environment in which your child can explore the early stages of the various literacies (reading, writing, mathematical) that will be key to all future learning. Our programme supports young learners in developing a range of inquiry and social skills, as well as their capacity to learn collaboratively. Children build confidence, and gain an understanding of themselves as a learner, including how they learn best.







International School of Brussels campus

Our teachers are guides who know how to set the spark for learning, for life. 

ISB teachers are expert question-askers, helping little people think through big ideas as they play - and they then build on that spark of interest they spot in every child. In an Early Childhood experience, teachers get children excited about what they’re doing - writing reports, doing the science of nature, understanding a fraction.

We believe that young learners deserve to work with experts in the field of early learning. This is why all of our teachers are qualified and experienced teachers, many with masters level specialisation in early childhood development. Teachers are experts in delivering differentiated programs to children with very diverse needs.

How Do We Build Powerful Learners?

We understand that students who are seen, heard, and valued thrive. We encourage young learners to engage with their environment - creating a sense of trust, confidence, and a real connection to their learning.

At ISB we are lucky to be surrounded by nature, and at the ECC we use our forest actively to increase the boundaries of learning. Young learners have quality experiences outside across a whole range of activities from hiking and running, to observing changes in nature as part of their units of inquiry.

We believe that creating and constructing is a powerful tool for young children not only to explore big ideas and develop understanding, but also to express themselves. We provide open-ended opportunities for children to use a range of different materials and tools allowing them the opportunities to explore those ideas and to understand them more deeply.

At ISB we create a powerful foundation of choice where children feel safe to take risks because they know their efforts will be valued and that they will be encouraged to persevere. We want them to learn how to make choices for themselves so they can grow into those confident, self-motivated, open-minded learners that will thrive in their educational journey. 

ISB students are sitting around the table and working on their projects

Making Learning Visible

We believe that if children understand the goals that they have within their learning and the steps they need to take, it provides a sense of motivation and a commitment to their learning. Our teachers help young learners to reflect on their learning. They ask questions around what do you know, what are you able to do and how have you grown as a learner, and what are the next steps in the learning process.



A journey of discovery in the ECC