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Young students meeting with a teacher outside of the International School of Brussels


ISB Plus is the name of our after school co-curricular activities programme, which directly supports the school's
Mission. The activities provide opportunities for personal development for students by introducing them to different interests and experiences. It is a safe, inclusive environment where students can learn new skills or perfect existing ones.

What's on Offer?

Early Childhood Centre & Elementary School

Year Long Activities

• Guided Learning
• Martial Arts
• Ballet
• Jazz Dance
• Drama
• Climbing

• Art
• Chess
• Swimming
• Greenlight for Science
• Yoga
• Coding
• Tech, Set, GO!
• Scouts
• Guitar Lessons
• Raider TV
• Cooking
• Tennis
• Exploring music
• Gymnastics
• Home Language
• Fencing
• Math team

Fall Activities
Mid-Sep to mid-Nov

• Cross Country
• Robotics
• Rugby

Winter Activities
Mid-Nov to mid-Mar

• Girls on the Ball Soccer
• Express Yourself Singing
• Lacrosse

Spring Activities
Mid-Mar to mid-Jun

• Outdoor Club
• Young Explorers
• Summer Sports and Games
• American Football
• Textile and Fashion design
• Badminton
• Track and Field

Middle School & High School

Year Long Activities

• ISB Plus languages
• Yoga
• Climbing

• Tennis
• Fencing

• Martial arts
• Game design
• Music theory

• International Award
• Speech and debate

Seasonal Activities
• Robotics
• Fashion and design
• Scuba diving
• Mountain biking

• Triathlon
• Jewellery

• MHS Play


As a school, we truly value the whole child and respect the notion of childhood. We understand the need for balance between formal learning activities and unstructured yet educational experiences.

To support both parents and children, ISB offers a flexible, safe and fun supervision activity for all students from preschool to grade 6.

Supervision times

Supervision is offered Monday – Thursday after school in two sessions:
• Session 1: 15.20/15.30 (ECC/ES end of school) – 17.00
• Session 2: 17:00 – 18:00

Supervision is also offered:
• From 12.00 on early dismissal days for Pre-school and Pre-K students (Wednesday and/or Friday);
• On all Professional Development (PD) and Learning Conference (LC) days.

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