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Travel Fee Policy, User Fees & Refund

Athletics at ISB is financed in large part by the school. Each student-athlete pays a “User Fee” to help offset costs. This user fee is the same per level no matter the sport. The user fee is not based on travel costs, it is the cost of joining a team.

JV/Varsity Teams: 265 Euros
U14 A, B and C Teams: 165 Euros
Developmental Teams: 150 Euros
Any ISST, SCIS and post-season tournaments: Parents pay any additional costs of post-season travel and any extra trips.

Refunds will be provided in two cases:

1. If the student-athlete decides to stop playing or is injured within two weeks of the first tryout, a full refund is provided. In this case, the Head Coach must be informed via email along with the Athletics office, The date of the email is the official date the student-athlete has quit.
2. If a student-athlete is injured before the halfway mark of the season (measured in weeks), a 50% refund will be offered with the presentation of a signed medical certificate.

The cost of any loss of uniform, will be billed 50€ per item.